The struggles are real.

OK, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything about my quest for health. It’s been a struggle since early October, and actually I stopped juicing about that time… Yeah, I know it’s not what I thought I would do, but the combination of finances and the holidays approaching, I decided to… Read More »

Sometimes real life puts a pause on things..

Sometimes real life says that things can’t go as planned.. And that’s OK!  After a successful five days of juicing, financial reasons have to put a pause on things for a week     or at least juicing maybe half of the day. That’s perfectly fine, in my opinion.. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle change, it… Read More »

Getting back on the juicing train today!!

After taking almost a month break, I’m starting juicing again this morning! During the break, I managed to gain 10lb, which really isn’t bad considering that I didn’t always eat the best during the break!!  I plan on doing this juice for longer than my first, and plan on making underneath the 300lb barrier! Would… Read More »